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Free 'pick me up' crystal infused oil creation and free shipping for all orders over $60 ($5 flat rate shipping on orders under $60)
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empowering our kids

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💪🏻 Empowering our kids 💪🏻
A couple of weeks ago, Macy saw me making up some blends and asked if she could make one too.
When I asked her which kind, she replied “one for bed, cause that’s what I want, so to make it nice”.
She’s been really upset and unsettled going to bed lately, so I wasn’t surprised she wanted to create that.
She even asked for lavender oil in it 🙌🏻
So together, we (she did most of it, I was just her assistant) made up a beautiful brave bedtime blend - just for her!


For her crystals, she picked (because they are pink and purple 🤗) :
🔮rose quartz - the stone of love
🔮amethyst - a very protective stone and also known as nature's tranquillizer! 

These two, especially for kids, are very soothing, loving and protective to help with fear of the dark and trouble sleeping.

Then I suggested
🔮black tourmaline - wonderful for emptying the mind of worry and clutter and bringing them back down to earth
🔮rainbow moonstone - reassures those who feel lost, alone and/or vulnerable
All very protective crystals in their own right, that can help to calm the soul, promote restful sleep and feelings of being loved.

Kids are super intuitive and crystals are amazing way for them to communicate what they can't quite verbalise. By letting them gravitate toad pick their own crystals, you'll be amazed at the meaning behind their choices.

She popped in some dried rose petals and then we added a selection of oils - I can’t remember all of them, sorry, but the main ones were:
💧lavender - oil of calm and communication - to help her express what her worries are
💧cedarwood - oil of community - helps with feelings of belonging and being emotional supported and connected
💧juniper berry - oil of the night - to help with her feel protected and to have peaceful dreams
💧eucalyptus- oil of wellness - helps us to be well, to be able to heal and to feel liberated from illness
💧frankincense- oil of truth - provides love, protection and enlightenment
💧ylang ylang - oil of the inner child - helps to be more free, playful and joyful

I love seeing my girls learning how they can can support themselves with crystals, smudges (Macy waved the unlit palo santo over her blend at the end 😍) and oils.
Complete with her taking her own photo of her blend...the last pic 😉
Plus they love getting hands on and creating things themselves.


Call it what you will, a placebo or a coincidence - you know what I’m going to say, it wasn't either of was the blend and her belief that it would help her - but after rolling it on her cheeks (like she sees Henny do with her teething blend) and her heart, she feel asleep without a fuss that night and has been doing heaps better ever since.

She doesn't use it every night anymore, as she doesn't feel she needs it. If she does need it she just asks for it. Or I suggest it, if I think she may need a little help (if I can feel the tension building or if she's super tired). 

I’ve had this in my mind for a while now, but after watching her in action today, I’m going to do a kids workshop, where they can come and create their own blend. What do you think? Would your kids be interested in something like this. 

Do you do these sorts of things with your littles? I'd love to know how you support your kids emotions and what excites them. Let me know below.

Big love 


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