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what is theta healing?

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🙏🏻 Theta healing 🙏🏻
You might be wondering...
What is it?
What does it involve exactly?
How can it help?
I've written about this in the FAQ's on the website but wanted to do it here, in a way that explains it simply, as that what we all want, isn't it, simplicity?

So here goes...

Theta healing allows you to tap into your subconscious mind while in a theta brainwave state - a state of deep meditation or the state you're in as you drift off to sleep.

It's in this state that we can access beliefs that have been formed, throughout our lifetime, that may be causing you concerns in your day to day life.
Such as, the beliefs you have about your place in the world, your beliefs surrounding what is right and wrong and your beliefs about yourself in general.
Our beliefs are not our actual reality - they are our perceptions of reality.
A great example of our beliefs or perceptions shaping our reality was the "is the dress blue and black or white and gold?" saga.
Do you remember this?
Did you have some heated discussions with people about what colours the dress was?
We all process things differently and see the world in our own unique way.

Which is wonderful, but when these beliefs and perceptions start negatively affecting our lives and relationships in ways we can no longer ignore (i.e. stress, anxiety, depression, anger, drug and alcohol misuse, over or under eating etc.)that is when they need to be addressed.
By using my background in counselling and combining it with theta healing, I’ve found it to be a beautifully gentle yet effective way for people to open up and start to resolve their issues and concerns.

What happens during a healing...
While every healing is different, depending on the wants and needs of the client, they do all tend to flow with the following:
All healings are done at your own pace – this is about you. What you need and want. There’s no right or wrong way to heal.
The day before you come to me, I'll ask you to spend some time - just 5 to 10 mins - thinking about what you might like to cover and/or get out of during our session. You can do this through your own meditation or free flow writing, where you just write down whatever pops into your mind.
When you arrive, it’s super chill.
We have tea, eat treats and have a chat about what’s been happening.
You're invited to explore the oracle and angels cards as you wish.
Sage and palo santo, crystals, oils and singing bowls are used throughout the healing, when needed.
We start off with a guided meditation, where you are invited think about whatever came to you the previous day, to get in touch with your inner child, higher self or whichever it is that comes to you while in this theta state.
After this meditation, we then chat about what was explored or revealed and how it made you feel, what you think it means, how these "beliefs", your perception of reality, have shaped your life - this is process is called digging - it is very gentle, but it allows us to try and get to the root of the concern and allows you to release these beliefs so that you can become the best version of yourself.
Along the way we may also do some muscle testing - the bodies way of saying what we can't articulate - around statements that arise that we feel can be the base of the belief.
Then we work to clear out these maladaptive beliefs and behaviours.
For this, you just sit back and relax while I work directly with Source to cleanse, clear, cancel or resolve these.
We finish up with a chat at the end to talk things through some more and see how you’re feeling.
It usually takes a few days for the healings/downloads to intergrate.
We can also do crystal layouts...that’s another story for another post!

It can help to heal emotional wounds surrounding self worth and self esteem by addressing the beliefs you hold (both consciously and subconsciously) about yourself and delving into how and when they were formed. From my experience, this is where so much of our mental ill health stems from. From where we perceive our place in the world to be.

It may sound out there and very alternate but it’s really just two people coming together to laugh, cry, feel and heal!

A safe, calm place for you to talk freely, deeply and honestly, without fear of any judgement.
A place for you to have much needed space held for you, by me.
For me to listen to your worries, thoughts and concerns and for you to be relieved of these burdens, that can manifest both physically and mentally, so that you can seriously live your best life.
To be the highest and most amazing version of yourself!

Once we can be truly at ease with ourselves, regardless of what the “world” thinks of us, that is when we can start to live the life our soul chose for us, well before we were even born.

If you want to know more about theta healing or you would like to come and see me for a healing, you can email me directly or you can book in via the website…/theta-healing-counselling. For the next 10 people who book, I’m going to offer a special of a 1.5 hr healing (allow for about 2 though as we always seem to get carried away and go over time) for $90 (usually $140).
Use the discount code: HEAL

Big love, Tahls 💕

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